Something You Need to Know

Your safety is our priority

Hotel guests must be registered. Visitors are not allowed, they must pay the daily (SPA) pass fee
We love our four legged friends but county health and safety restrictions prohibit pets to be in the pool and must be leashed while on the property! 
Please make sure that all bags and items of value are not in sight in the vehicle.  Mi Kasa is not responsible for any theft or damage while parked on the property

Smoking area: You can smoke anywhere inside the property "be responsible and clean up after" You can't smoke in the room ($250 Fee)

No Illegal Drugs!  Possession or use of Federally controlled substances (illegal drugs) will result in immediate eviction, without refund. Law Enforcement may be called, if necessary, to remove a guest. The violators will be banned for life!!!!


Loss/Damages & Safety

The Mi Kasa Hot Springs assumes no liability for a guest’s injury or loss of property in the property and parking lot.  Any damage or loss of property is guest’s responsibility.

Do not leave valuables in your car. Please close your room door and guest entrances at all times. 

Neither lifeguards nor security guards are on duty.  Please swim responsibly. NO DIVING. 

The Mi Kasa Hot Springs.

Your cooperation is appreciated so that all guests can enjoy the property

The Mi Kasa Hot Springs Policies are subject to change without notice.

Revised October 20, 2020 by Alan C Douglas